Thank You, Sensei!

Following a traumatic accident in which I lost the love of my life, I gained 50 pounds in the blink of an eye.  I had generally been eating well prior to this event and completely lost any semblance of sanity related to my general health and wellness.  Susan agreed to take me on as a client and painstakingly suffered through the first six months in which I got my head right.  She was tenacious without judgement and compassionate while urging me in the right direction.  Had it not been for the accountability of biweekly meetings and how attentive she is, I’m sure I’d have gained another 50 instead of maintaining.  I happily signed up for a second period with Susan.  I look forward to the learning and more visible results this time around.  So thankful for Susan’s caring support during the single most awful time of my life.  She got me back to caring about my health and wellness so I can be here for my daughter.  That is worth everything.  Susan gets my highest recommendation.  She gets it.